about Pearce

Allie Pearce bio 


Pearce makes modern basics of the past, present, and future in natural fabrics. Comfortable, wearable, and simple, with a nod to 1940s loungewear and daywear. Cuts that are freeing, moveable, and flattering for all body types. Pearce is all-inclusive design.

Pearce is designed & produced locally in Philadelphia. The micro collections are designed and released throughout the seasons and not only twice a year, bringing new, special pieces into your life more often and eliminating potential surplus.

Pearce is designed by Allison Pearce, Philly native and local. She is a member of the artistic and creative community in Philadelphia and sees an opportunity to make clothing that’s special, unique, and has ethical substance. All of Pearce is made in the U.S.A.

Allison has been a costume designer since 2009, visually storytelling for television and film. Her experience with character-building in a narrative environment inspired her to create wearable, breathable clothing. Everyone's clothing can tell a story. She is currently a member of the Saturday Night Live design team. 

Founded in 2016. 

Email: pearce@shop-pearce.com